My name's Clarence, and for the past nine years, I've worked as a mixologist. The best part? Hearing people's stories unfold at the counter. Most of the time my clients would want to appreciate me after a good service, either through M-PESA or cash. But saving those tips has always been a struggle as unexpected expenses pop up out of nowhere. I could say the same for my other colleagues in the service industry.


Then, a year ago, a colleague invited me to a Shukran event. It was a game-changer! Finally, I found a way to receive tips directly on my phone and seamlessly save them into my SACCO account. Not only that, Shukran SACCO offers financial literacy classes, which have been instrumental in guiding me on my savings journey. These classes are a stepping stone towards financial freedom.


To all my fellow service industry friends, Shukran SACCO is a game-changer. Don't wait, join today and take control of your financial future!